Durham-Chapel Hill Lawyer Handles Separation Agreements

Some unique aspects of the divorce code in North Carolina make separation agreements more common and significant here than in other U.S. states. Our capable legal team is well-prepared to help you develop and negotiate a separation agreement aligned with your goals and interests. To request a consultation, call 919-688-5988 or send an e-mail inquiry now.

Many couples who separate in North Carolina — especially those with children and/or substantial property — need to negotiate and develop a separation agreement to handle issues and affairs until their divorce is legally finalized. In many cases, this agreement provides solid groundwork or even a detailed map for resolution of key matters if and when the divorce is legally finalized.

A separation agreement can be negotiated

  • between the parties and their attorneys
  • in mediation
  • outside the formal court process

and it can cover a full range of issues ranging from child custody and visitation to alimony and division of property.

When considering a separation agreement, it is critical to raise concerns and receive qualified counsel on what you should do — and not do — during the period of separation to support the goals you have for life after divorce.


Jill E. Burton delivers more. Ms. Burton is committed to offering forthright, valuable counsel when you need it most. For many men and women, this is soon after the decision to separate. If you are considering divorce or your need for a legal separation agreement, contact our law office today.

Defending Your Interests, and Those of Your Children

When negotiating, drafting or reviewing a separation agreement, our legal team is committed to performing necessary research, dealing with key details and defending your interests. We can help prevent you from agreeing to terms you may regret later on, such as those that are detrimental to you or your children.

"… I admire your strength and ability to assert yourself without being overly aggressive. … [Y]ou were the right person to help me get through this very difficult time in my life." — Client letter to attorney Jill E. Burton

Experienced, Focused Legal Representation When You Need It Most

Some divorce and family law attorneys — even very experienced ones — are extremely careful in offering counsel. They see their role as limited to explaining the law, drafting necessary legal documents that reflect your wishes, and guiding you through a process.


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