Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Durham, North Carolina

We recognize that there are many excellent reasons for developing a prenuptial agreement. The traditional view that this step is somehow "unromantic" is far outweighed by practical considerations and the need to protect your future.

We have represented numerous men and women as they work through the considerations and details of developing a legally sound, mutually acceptable prenuptial agreement. Our legal team's strengths in business valuation and matters involving high-value complex assets apply very directly in this area of our practice. For a consultation with respected family law attorney Jill E. Burton, please contact us.

A Well-Drafted Prenuptial Agreement Can Save Future Cost and Pain

There are many excellent reasons to develop a prenuptial agreementg:

  • The need to protect the interests of children from a prior marriage
  • The desire of either party to protect specific business interests
    or other assets
  • A substantial disparity between the assets the two parties
    will bring into the marriage
  • Protection of both parties against emotionally draining and costly litigation over equitable property distribution should the marriage end

Having handled many complex, intensely contested divorce cases — often involving disputes that might have been avoided if the couple had a sound prenuptial agreement — our legal team will actively support you and your intended spouse's decision to plan for contingencies.

Turn to an Experienced Attorney for Counsel and Representation

We see more and more people — and not only wealthy people — choosing to develop a prenuptial agreement, much as they choose to carry insurance. In a range of situations, it just makes good sense.

If you are evaluating your need for a prenuptial agreement and want to involve a financially savvy and focused lawyer, we encourage you to contact us at Jill E. Burton & Associates, P.L.L.C.. Whether you are the financially advantaged person in the relationship or want to ensure you are not signing away too many rights, our firm is an excellent choice to diligently protect your interests.


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