A Versatile Legal Resource for Divorce and Other Challenges

Practicing family law in the Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, area for over 23 years, attorney Jill E. Burton consistently lives up to her strong reputation for providing honest counsel and aggressive representation that gets positive results.

If professionalism matters to you, and you appreciate vision and forthright communication, our family law firm can deliver. We encourage you to contact us to arrange a productive consultation on your issues.

A Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust for Resourceful, All-Out Effort

When you meet with proven, respected family law attorney Jill E. Burton, you can count on a rigorous information-gathering approach and an honest assessment of your legal options. We have found that people appreciate a balance of calm and clarity with the willingness to go to battle when necessary.

Our firm is well-equipped to guide you through your potentially complex divorce, helping you understand and navigate issues such as:

Modifications — Prenuptials — Adoption — Lawsuit Defense

In addition to capably handling high-asset, fiercely contested divorce cases, we have successfully counseled and represented many people with needs in these areas:

The time to contact us is as soon as possible after either you or your spouse decides on separation — or you become aware of another family law challenge.

If your case is straightforward, we will strive to keep it that way. If you have questions or doubts, we will take them seriously and make sure you are confident in how we will proceed. In an all-out effort to serve each client's personal and financial best interests, we are frequently able to help resolve disputed issues through collaborative law and mediation.


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At the Durham, North Carolina firm Jill E. Burton & Associates, P.L.L.C., an experienced
attorney and capable legal team handles high-asset, complex divorce, child
custody disputes, modifications, prenuptials and a wide range of other
sensitive family law matters for clients in the North Carolina counties
of Durham, Orange, Person, Granville, and Chatham, including the communities
of Durham, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, NC.

Please contact us to set up a consultation appointment.

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