Durham, North Carolina, Area Attorney for Adoptions

All family law issues are important and sensitive. Some — such as adoption — are joyful as well. Our caring, dedicated legal team has helped a number of people navigate the highly specific legal processes required to complete an adoption as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In any life-changing legal situation, it is extremely important to work with an attorney you can trust. Many choices you make may be based on that lawyer's assessment of your case, and your outcome may also depend on the knowledge and diligence of law firm staff. In adoption as well as a full range of other family law matters, you can call on Jill E. Burton & Associates, P.L.L.C. with confidence.

Attorney Jill E. Burton is adept at asking the right questions, getting right down to the issues and uncovering what matters. In handling adoptions, she will explain the law and be upfront about likely costs. The result is typically a smooth, pleasant process with no surprises.

Qualified, Efficient Representation for Stepparent Adoptions

We applaud and support the decisions of stepparents to voluntarily take legal responsibility for children through adoption. Provided certain criteria are met, we can help ensure a timely, favorable and affordable result. We have also assisted prior clients and others with private adoptions within the Durham-Chapel Hill area.

"I just want to thank you for your patience and understanding in dealing with our needs. I truly never expected such quick and satisfactory results." — Client of Jill E. Burton, 1996

We are proud of our reputation as an outstanding legal resource for Durham-Chapel Hill area men and women facing challenging family law issues. If you require assistance with an adoption, we encourage you to contact our friendly, capable law office.


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At the Durham, North Carolina firm Jill E. Burton & Associates, P.L.L.C., an experienced
attorney and capable legal team handles high-asset, complex divorce, child
custody disputes, modifications, prenuptials and a wide range of other
sensitive family law matters for clients in the North Carolina counties
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